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Are you going to renovate your hotel and are you considering a technological update? If you are thinking of incorporating new technologies, it is very important to carry out a correct design of your network infrastructure. Through it, the new technological services of your hotel will be deployed, both to improve the user experience and to optimize management processes. Are you going to leave this process in the hands of just anyone? In this article we tell you why you should work with hotel technology providers specialized and experienced. Keep reading!

Technology renovation in hotels: where to start

If you have reached this article, surely you are concerned about improving competitiveness and you are interested in all the hotel technology. Perhaps you are looking to add sensors to save on electricity or air conditioning consumption. You may be looking for a complete update of your WiFi network or you may be considering incorporating a home automation or cybersecurity service. Whatever the reason, it is very important to bet on specialized technology integrators. But where should I start?

Case of success!

Renovation of WiFi infrastructure in Serawa hotel in Moraira

Don't forget, networks are the heart of your hotel

In a renovation project, it is common for architects and builders to derive the renewal of wiring networks from the hotels to an electrician company or a technical staff not specialized in these projects. It is important not to fall into this error, since the complexity of these projects, together with the peculiarities of a space such as a hotel, with a large influx of people and increasingly growing technological needs, make an optimal design, execution and maintenance of this infrastructure.

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Possibly, your network infrastructure has already become obsolete or perhaps taking advantage of a reform or the purchase and conversion of a building, you want to adapt the network to incorporate new services such as CCTV, IPTV, smart locks, IoT… Whatever the reason, all new technology will require data transmission and it is very important that the communications infrastructure is secure and designed with the best service in mind. 

Technology for hotels: advantages of working with a specialized provider

Avoid extra costs

Projects that take time or that require adjustments and cost overruns for final delivery. Reforms and continuous updates in the hotel network to be able to cover a new technological service in your hotel. We know that you would not want to see yourself in this position, but it happens more often than you can imagine. A non-specialized supplier does not know the needs and particularities of the hotel business, deploying network designs that quickly require new investments. The extra costs for renovations or maintenance are aspects to take into account at this point.

Audit of current needs and particularities of the hotel

The specialist provider will perform a technical study focused on avoiding any future problems and minimizing risks. Let's take the example of a WiFi project. When it comes to designing and selecting the necessary technology to offer the highest quality WiFi, we cannot leave this key technology in the hands of any telecommunications provider. 

A supplier with experience in hotels will carry out a previous study taking into account possible connection peaks in spaces such as the hall, the swimming pool or the convention rooms, guaranteeing to be able to offer an optimal service in any circumstance. At this point, for example, the Wi-Fi settings such as traffic prioritization, They allow the network to be managed correctly, offering a maximum and minimum flow rate, so that if a user makes abusive use of the signal, it can prevent the connection of other users from being slowed down.  

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Scalable solutions

Are you worried about not being prepared for the new technological needs of your guests? In addition to making a study of current needs, a provider of technology for hotels will study and anticipate what the future needs will be, designing and deploying the most appropriate networks and technologies in order to speed up the introduction of new services in the future. 

At this point, fiber optics is very interesting GPONbecause it allows integrate different services in a single wiring, thus improving efficiency and simplifying both installation and maintenance.

Hardware and devices adapted to the needs of your project

Bet on a partner who gives product level warranties and features of the equipment to be installed in your hotel. Not only will you optimize resources, having what is really necessary for your business, but you will also obtain the maximum performance to each elementeither. This is the case, for example, of Access Points (AP) or WiFi access points, the elements that guarantee maximum WiFi coverage in every corner of your hotel.

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Cybersecurity applied to the sector

Incorporating new technology for hotels, much of it based on new devices or systems connected to the network, implies new access routes for cybercriminals. In addition, with technologies that increasingly manage more sensitive data of guests, it is even more strategic to rely on a technological partner capable of offering a layer of cybersecurity in each new technological project.

Whether it is a website, a payment gateway, a corporate network, a WiFi hotspot…, all new technology in hotels must be studied from the point of view of security. In addition, it is vitally important to have a partner capable of offering training in hotel cybersecurity. 

Customer Centricity: special sensitivity to meet the expectations of guests

Only a provider specialized in the hotel sector is aware of how important the guest experience is at each point of technological contact with it. A hotel technology integrator knows that the guest comes first and, therefore, gives maximum value to projects to guarantee the best experience. This materializes in a special sensitivity, for example, when an installation or maintenance is planned in periods when the hotel is closed to avoid inconvenience to customers. 

Optimal network maintenance

Where to go in case of a problem in your network? As we have already mentioned, the network is the heart of your hotel and you cannot afford to suffer a blockage. Do not forget that a specialized provider will also give you a differential support at maintenance level. Specifically, it will offer you support adjusted to the particularities of your hotel, taking into account the seasonality of the sector and being able to guarantee a 24/7 service.

At this point, it is also very important to trust global companies, which can offer you fast and quality support at any of your hotels.

Cerium, your hotel technology partner

Cerium is a company specialized in the design, implementation, management and maintenance of WiFi networks and GPON, ciberseguridad and data analytics totally focused on the hotel sector.

All the designs of our networks and services that we implement in the hotels are carried out under the premise “Security by design«. We are aware of how important it is to offer the maximum security and data protection guarantees and we put our more than 15 years of experience in technology projects for hotels at the service of your hotel. 

The Cerium team works every day to offer personalized and scalable solutions, always ready to incorporate new technological services with great ease. Talk later?

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