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technological integrators

specialized in the hotel sector

We are a technological-based company. Our major asset is our team, which has over 15 years of experience in the development of technological projects in the hotel field globally 

Cerium is a company specialized in the design and installation of technological infrastructure as well as the provision of service communication that run on it.

Cerium offers value services such as management and advice of traffic and security within the networks, network consultancy and the maintenance of the systems, building a long-term relationship with the customer

We are a team specialized in technological solutions of first class in the Hospitality sector and we develop ad hoc personalized integral solutions, offering our wide portfolio of technological solutions completely adapted to the reality of each hotel.

Incorporate new technologies in hotels, has become nowadays a major need to achieve an optimum experience for guests.

Count with an adequate infrastructure is a firm commitment to improve the competitiveness of your hotel and be prepared for the present and future guest.

In CERIUM through technology we achieve that the guest enjoys an optimum experience, ensuring that it is the same or equal to the one he experiences at home.

Social Action

We contribute and support various institutions which are national and international referents in child protection or human rights, such as CIBERCOOPERANTES o UNICEF, among others.

Specifically with CIBERCOOPERANTES we perform an outreach effort of cybersecurity through sensibilisation talks, with centers that require this type of formation for children, youngsters, parents and educators.

We help to raise awareness and divulge in their environment about the safe use of the Internet, as well as the risks that they can be exposed through the new technologies, in addition to informing about the existing help mechanisms in case of any problem.

These policies are fundamental in our business strategy and deeply affect our relationship with society, employees, customers and suppliers. The direction board of the business periodically supervises its compliance and impulses the commitment with these values through the assignment of the necessary resources.

All of this commitment resumes our will to support, impulse and spread the fundamentals of human rights, labor practices, the environment and the fight against corruption.

Our environmental management

Our commitment is to minimize the environmental impact of our activities by implanting both the best technologies in processes and products, and the most advanced systems in environmentally friendly management. All of our products and services take into account minimizing the environmental impact and pursue an improvement in energetic efficiency.

WiFi Hotspot of Cerium

Control who accesses your network and improves your data collection

Our WiFi Hotspot will help you to improve your marketing and loyalty actions and reinforce the security of your WiFi network. 


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