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Wi-Fi hotspot for hotels

Transform your Wi-Fi network in a powerful marketing tool.

WiFi hotspot

Why do you need CERIUM WIFI HOTSPOT, the captive Wi-Fi portal for hotels?

The solution of social marketing intelligence is more complete and advanced to convert your hotel wifi into an effective tool to gain and retain customers. 

Impulse your marketing campaigns and control your network accesses to improve your quality and security.

Are you looking for a solution that helps you gain more and better data from guests? Do you need to reduce the intermediation and improve your direct sales?

In that case you need a social Wi-Fi tool or captive portal, a simple software that we will install in your current Wi-Fi network and that will allow you to obtain information from/about your clients through a simple login portal.

Advantages of Cerium’s Wi-Fi captive portal for your hotel

Strengthens Wi-Fi security

Control access and navigation of your guests.

Improves direct sales

and reduces intermediation. Optimize your loyalty campaigns.

Impulses positive reviews

and listen to your guests to improve the online reputation of your hotel.

Controls your web's traffic

with the aim of optimizing the connection of your hotel.

Obtains valuable data

of your guests, such as email, social profiles, city of origin, hobbies...

Improves the protection

customer data and sensitive information that requires maximum security.

¿Why implanting WiFi Hotspot

in your hotel with Cerium?

Because with our HOTSPOT app, in addition transforming your Wi-Fi network into a powerful dynamizer of the direct sale of the hotel, we equip the facilities of the security, identification and control which need every communication produced in the hotel complying with the regulations in force.

Examples of the installation of WiFi Hotspot in hotels


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Turn your hotel's WiFi network into a powerful marketing tool. Capture more data, control access and improve the quality and security of your network.


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