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Do you need to obtain more and higher quality data from your hotel guests? Have you heard of Social WiFi but don't know what it is exactly? Are you interested in knowing how can it help you to improve your database? This article can help you.

What is Social Wi-Fi?

It basically consists of offer free internet to your customers, in exchange for making a login Through social networks. In this way, it improves the user experience, simplifying the connection to the network (it is not necessary to fill out a form) and obtaining information of interest such as social network profiles, information extracted from the profile, tastes, frequency of connection to our WiFi network...

In the case of hotels, this tool, also known as captive portal or hotspot, allows you to break the barrier of OTA contacts who arrive at the hotel and for whom contact information is not available. this software collect guest data of great value for marketing or loyalty actions. Also you will increase the satisfaction of your guests, who no longer have to search for and enter complicated passwords.

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What is Social Wi-Fi marketing?

It is a solution that can become a powerful marketing tool that will help you study the behavior and preferences of your guests, analyze their level of satisfaction and detect weaknesses in the hotel or aspects to improve.

It also helps to encourage the monitoring and promotion of our hotel's profiles on social networks, either as a prerequisite to be able to enjoy access to the network, or through the "hook" or the promise of obtaining a gift, raffle or discount when following our social profile.

Thanks to obtaining these profiles, we can carry out advertising actions such as remarketing ads or mailings directed to those social accounts and linked emails.

What advantages does social WiFi have for your hotel?

This software will allow you to collect user information for different purposes: include it in your database, include it in loyalty campaigns, or carry out segmentation and analysis actions to find out who is the typical client of your hotel and how to improve their experience.

  • Thanks to this technology it is possible control access to our WiFi network, and with this control, the hotel can carry out maintenance and optimization actions on its WiFi network, for example, modifying the bandwidth according to the density of connected users. A free and quality Wi-Fi service will help you stay one step ahead of the competition, by responding to the ever-increasing connectivity needs.
  • WiFi marketing can become a key tool for your marketing strategy, helping you not only to obtain more and better data, but also to be able to integrate it with other tools or software such as PMS, mailing programs, etc. This way you can, for example, send birthday greeting emails or send a special promotion to a business guest who has visited us repeatedly to attend a fair. 
  • Allows improve the segmentation of a hotel database: updating of information in real time, integration of useful data for the marketing team (city, reason for travel, age, services of interest...)
  • Exhaustive compliance with the Data Protection Law (LOPD).
  • One more layer of security in your WiFi network for the prevention and detection of cyber attacks.
  • Facilitate the communication of all your marketing actions: information on hotel promotions and offers, personalized communications, sending birthday wishes and other special dates, etc. Undoubtedly a tool that will help you in cross selling and in direct sells. 

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How to improve your loyalty strategy with a WiFi social tool?

First, installing a quality Wi-Fi service, including a controlled access portal, helps you improve the technological service most valued by your guests, better understand their needs (automating the sending of satisfaction surveys) and personalize their experience (taking advantage of the information obtained during registration to offer services or custom products). Three key factors in your customer loyalty program.

Do you want to know more reasons why you are interested in betting on Social WiFi in your hotel? These are some of the advantages that its implementation can bring:

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El Social Wi-Fi marketing helps you improve the profitability of the hotel as shown by surveys and studies such as the one carried out by IHL Group, which concludes that the implementation of a Wi-Fi hotspot connection service improves customer loyalty metrics and indicators, which translates into more reservations and indirect sales (more than 3,4%), in most establishments. 

Automate your loyalty programs

Improvement in the automation of your guest and customer loyalty programs. This question is very important, since it allows us to get the most out of our marketing strategies without having to dedicate hours of constant work. 

Here are some ideas: you can program the system so that, when a guest connects to the hotel's Wi-Fi a certain number of times, be automatically directed to a landing page with a personalized offer for him. You can also use smart loyalty apps, that include an automated rewards system (for example, digitized discount coupons) based on personalized data analysis, to be used from the user's own smartphone. 

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At Cerium we are leaders in this software

Cerium It has a Social Wi-Fi solution specially designed for hotels. As technology integrators specialized in hospitality, we have developed a solution that allows maximum security to be maintained in access to the WiFi network, comply with current Data Protection regulations (LOPD and RGPD) and act as a powerful marketing tool. 

As a particularity, Cerium has developed an exclusive product called IP Police that allows you to save the IPs and the browsing history of your guests and clients for 6 months. Thanks to this you can respond to the authorities in case of crime or fraud from your WiFi network. 

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