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Is your WiFi network adapted to the new demands of your guests? Are you worried about not offering optimal quality in all your facilities? Are you afraid that these deficiencies will translate into complaints or negative reviews about the WiFi quality in your hotel? In this article we explain the key steps of a WiFi audit to optimize the connectivity of your clients to the maximum. 

What is a WiFi audit?

A WiFi audit consists of testing the quality level of the network, detecting weak points and areas for improvement. This process is also known as wireless audit and its periodic performance is essential to guarantee the security of WiFi networks and user data, as well as improve the performance and productivity of computer equipment.

On the other hand, WiFi audits help us check if our networks are secure or not. For this, there are applications that analyze the level of security of our WiFi network and that are really useful to avoid any possible security breach and its consequences for your establishment or business.


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Why is it important to carry out a WiFi audit in your hotel on a regular basis?

The importance of carrying out quality Wi-Fi network audits with the appropriate frequency is, nowadays, essential to offer a good service to customers, who increasingly require a fast, smooth and secure Internet connection to satisfy their needs. leisure and work needs.

A bad customer experience with the hotel's Wi-Fi service can mean that they no longer stay with us, do not recommend us or even give us a negative review on social networks or specialized platforms.

How does a WiFi network audit work?

The working dynamics of a Wi-Fi network audit is similar to that of any other type of audit. Basically, the necessary analyses, tests or tests are carried out to verify the operation of our Internet service based on a series of parameters or variables:

  • Connection speed.
  • Cuts or falls.
  • Level of protection against password theft, introduction of computer viruses and other types of cyber attacks.
  • Analysis of Wi-Fi signal behavior through architectural elements.
  • Sizing of the density of users by zones.
  • Existence or not of encrypted networks and type of encryption: WEP, WPA and WPA2.
  • Proposal of solutions for improvement and resolution of the problems detected.
  • Monitoring and verification of effectiveness of the measures implemented.
  • signal level throughout the establishment.
  • Detection of vulnerabilities or security flaws.

WiFi audits can be carried out by professionals from the company itself, it is what is known as an internal audit. However, it is generally recommends entrusting this function to a specialized company (external audit), in order to achieve an independent and higher quality analysis.

What information is obtained from the network audit?

A WiFi audit for hotels, if properly carried out, can provide us with data and information of great value on the Internet network of our establishment hotelier:

  • Connection quality.
  • System protection level.
  • Correct sizing of APs.
  • Adequate configuration for a correct user experience.
  • Capacity of devices and equipment connected to the network.
  • Weaknesses and vulnerable points.

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Key points of a WiFi audit for hotels

A correct study of the WiFi network must take into account a series of key points or parameters, among which the following stand out: coverage, equipment dimensioning and the type of connected equipment. All these factors must be assessed together, not individually.

1. Maintain a holistic view

This is due to the fact that we analyze elements that are interrelated and the operation of one influences the others in a direct way.

For example, a common error typical of a poorly performed audit is to relate optimal coverage displayed on a device with good network quality. Actually, it doesn't have to be like this., since a scenario of device saturation can provide good individual coverage and yet there is a high number of interferences that significantly degrade communications.

A situation of this type can cause some clients to have a poor WiFi service, which is precisely what we must avoid at all costs in our hotel. 

In this ebook We show you the most important factors that we must consider, always as a whole and taking into account their relationships:

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2. Correctly size device density

It is important to identify and measure the density of devices that, together, the hotel guests and staff will use, making a differentiation by zones, to decide what type of WiFI network we need and the number and location of the APs (Access Point or Access Points) or WAP (Wireless Access Point).

During the audit, it should also be checked whether the network has been designed based on the construction environment where the service is to be provided. It must be taken into account that the walls will attenuate the signal, so the attenuation levels must be measured correctly and it must be verified if the number of APs is adequate. Many times more points than necessary are placed, thus increasing the number of interferences. 

3. Study the types of devices connected to the hotel network

Should be define the number of devices to be connected to the network: mobile phones, computers, loT devices, etc, for, from here, accurately calculate the needs of devices that will have different sensitivity in order to provide good coverage at all points of the hotel.

4. Study WiFi coverage and optimization

Is verify if the internal internet connection network has been properly scaled of the access points with the routers installed. It has to be checked if it is capable of supporting the data flow or, on the contrary, we need a system with more capacity or other characteristics, or install a network controller.

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