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¿Did you know that the first step to prevent a cyberattack is to carry out a correct cybersecurity audit? Do you want your hotel to be better prepared against any cybersecurity threat? Are you worried about the negative effects of a cyberattack on an economic and reputational level?

In this article we detail what a cybersecurity audit consists of and why it is important for your hotel to dedicate resources to this type of service.


What is a cybersecurity audit?

A cybersecurity audit consists of a complex analysis work that allows us to know the current state of a company, company, organization, hotel establishment, etc., in regard to the security and control measures of its computer systems, as well as How to check the level of training and awareness of employees in IT security issues.

The basic objectives of a cybersecurity audit are:

– Carry out an x-ray as complete and exhaustive as possible of the situation of an organization at a given moment, detecting the vulnerabilities of the ICT infrastructures.

– Based on the results obtained, determine and implement the necessary measures to prevent cyberattacks or, should they occur, define a crisis strategy that allows minimizing the damage and returning to a situation of control and normalcy as soon as possible.


What should a cybersecurity audit contain?

If you are considering carrying out a cybersecurity audit in your hotel, we congratulate you. You have made the first and most important decision to strengthen the security of your internal and external computer systems. A key issue not only to comply with current regulations on data protection and computer security, but also to guarantee the operation of your business and avoid damage of all kinds: image, economic. etc. What's more, poor computer security management can, in the most serious cases, jeopardize the viability and continuity of your company.

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However, conducting an audit is a complex issue and you may not know where to start, you may have some doubts and ask yourself questions. In that case, don't worry, we will solve them.


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What aspects do I have to check and analyze in a cybersecurity audit?

The following points are absolutely essential: 

    • Analyze all applications, software and operating systems used in the company.
    • Check the security level of the devices: desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, routers...
    • Check the possible vulnerabilities that may exist.
    • Verify the degree of compliance of the company with the established computer security standards, as well as with the applicable regulations.

What does a cyber audit strategy consist of?

In order to meet the objectives for which it is launched, a cyber audit strategy It should be divided into the following phases or steps:

    • Step 1:. Identify all devices, software, applications and systems that are going to be audited.
    • Step 2:. Define vulnerabilities equipment, networks and improve.
    • Step 3. Establish an improvement plan with concrete measures.
    • Step 4. Implement a development plan and security improvement based on the audit findings.

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Can I carry out an audit myself or do I have to use an external company?

Given its complexity, the necessary experience and knowledge, and the difficulties of being truly objective, it is It is more recommendable, practical and effective for the cyber audit to be carried out by a external consulting company.

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Benefits of having a cybersecurity audit in your company

An audit can offer you a global vision of the different aspects of cybersecurity: from hacker attacks to employee awareness. In short, a cyber audit represents an opportunity to understand computer security in a comprehensive way, providing the following benefits for your company:



Prevention of possible attacks

Prevention is the best way to avoid damage as a result of computer attacks of all kinds, from the classic malware: viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware or adware or the fearsome ransomware, to phishing or the denial of distributed services (DoS/DDoS). .

The audit should also take into account anticipated future cyberattacks, such as those that may affect interconnected common devices known as the Internet of Things (IoT).

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betterrar customer data security 

An efficient security audit is the best guarantee to detect and solve security breaches, which can be used by cybercriminals to steal personal data from customers. In this way, we will not have to face significant compensation for legal issues related to the protection of personal data. In addition, we will avoid the deterioration that a hotel's image can suffer and the loss of credibility that a matter related to the fraudulent use of data can cause.



Customizing the cybersecurity approach 

Another advantage of audits is that they allow a overview of the state of computer security of a hotel and of any other company, making possible the detection of specific problems and, based on them, establish a Personalized strategy focused on your resolution. Por example, if the problem of a company is that the information or the software managed from a cloud computing system is not sufficiently protected, it will have to take the appropriate measures to strengthen security in the cloud.



Why is it so important that your hotel has a cybersecurity audit?

In recent years, hotels have suffered many attacks against their computer systems, a situation that, as has happened with many other sectors, has intensified since 2020 coinciding with the pandemic. This has favored the actions of hackers and cybercriminals due to the increase in teleworking and the use of the Internet and cloud computing.

Different reports indicate, with specific data, that the computer networks of hotel establishments around the world have become more vulnerable to cyberattacks:

    • In 2018, almost 514.000 guest data records were lost or stolen, a figure that rose to approximately 5,2 million in 2020.
    • It is estimated that more than 423 million travelers have suffered some type of computer crime related to their efforts and communications with hotels.

Incidents such as the one suffered by the prestigious Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos hotel chain, which in 2017 suffered a massive theft of its customers' credit card numbers, or the results of a survey, in which 70% of the Guests affirm that hotel computer networks are not secure enough, they show that, in general, the hotel sector does not invest enough in cybersecurity.

It is in your hand to reverse this situation. And there is no better way to achieve this than through a cybersecurity audit carried out by specialists. In this way, you will be able to fully understand the security status of your network, software, computer equipment and devices, focusing on their vulnerabilities and weaknesses, in order to implement the appropriate measures as soon as possible to correct them and reinforce cybersecurity.

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